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Managed Dedicated Servers

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The difference between a managed dedicated server and an unmanaged server boils down a number of things including price. A managed dedicated server is more expensive. The level of support from the web hosting company is also better and includes more than just basic service. Both are leasing situations. Most service providers offer managed dedicated servers to their clients. The basic definition is that a managed dedicated server is a hands on situation by the web hosting company. The other is not.

Leasing managed dedicated servers means spending more money. The cost is included in the monthly fee for renting the server. Bear in mind that these management fees are non-negotiable. Typical services provided by the web host include, server set up, system installation and configuration, installation of firewalls, system oversight, software update installation, security, hardware replacement, troubleshooting of the network and maintenance, and server monitoring. Do some research before settling on a web host for your managed dedicated server in order to find out if the company offers the services you need for your business. Include cost comparisons in your research as there is no standard in pricing on anything offered. Check out what a company means when it says it offers support, since there are varying levels and definitions of support.

Web hosting firms offer businesses in house management to go with the server, thus constituting a managed dedicated server system. So how do you manage a server? Well, the web hosting company provides a manager who continuously monitors the server’s performance. They update the operating system when necessary, including updating applications, performing maintenance, making sure the anti virus and firewalls are up to date, troubleshooting when necessary, installing software as needed, performing regular audits and taking steps to prevent intrusions or hacking.

Managed dedicated server management may also include more tasks as specified by the business operation. Within this system, there are levels of management. For instance, there are fully managed servers, medium managed servers, and self managed servers. A fully managed dedicated server is the most headache free, so choose carefully in making your decision.

Linux Dedicated Servers

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

There is something that needs to be cleared up right now, and that is, that there is no such thing as a Linux dedicated server. Linux is not a server, it is an operating system. Consequently, a Linux dedicated server, is a server that runs Linux software. So the real question becomes, which is better a Linux based system or a Windows based system, for your operation? Some experts suggest that part of the answer lies in your level of expertise. In other words, are you a newbie? Or are you an experienced system administrator?

For newbie’s some experts suggest sticking with Window’s programs because they are easier and more powerful than Linux dedicated servers.  But again, it all harkens back to your individual needs and personal expertise.  Some administrators prefer running what they call a Linux flavor combined with the Apache web server, while others recommend using the Windows server.

Ask yourself , what other goals you have for your website, after start up? In other words, do you eventually plan to use your Linux dedicated server to host other things on your internal network, perhaps additional email addresses? However, probably the most important question of all is just how familiar are you with Linux, because if you’ve never used Linux before, then you may as well be attempting to read Sanskrit after taking a crash course in Aramaic. For the beginner or newbie, Linux can be difficult to work and understand. But most experts agree that in the long run it just might be the better system to use.

If all you’re planning to do is put up a basic, no frills web page, then do it with Windows. Windows is easier to understand and manage. But it is also very expensive. Linux dedicated servers are less expensive, because Linux itself doesn’t cost anything. It’s free. The Linux system can be downloaded in any number of places on the internet. The benefits of a Linux dedicated server would be more security and use of fewer resources than Windows. The cost is nothing or near nothing. Another reason to go with a Linux dedicated server is that it is updated often.  The downside is that it requires more set up and not all hardware is supported.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Dedicated web hosting is expensive and constitutes the major drawback to creating a web presence for business. However, this is quickly being overcome powered by the constant and steady growth of the dedicated web hosting industry. As more individuals and businesses get into dedicated web hosting, the costs rapidly go down. In the meantime, competition drives up the service level and perks being offered. This trend will continue as more and more small and medium sized businesses work to increase their presence on the internet. The number of web hosts will also grow powered by increased demand for their services.

The two major advantages include stability and control. Another advantage would be security. This is because a web administrator has more control over a dedicated server, which is an innately more secure operation. Security comes from knowing exactly what hardware, software and applications are installed, as well as the number of fingers involved in stirring the pot, so to speak. The fewer, the better.  Having this knowledge allows the system administrator to make the decisions necessary to keep the operation function at maximum configuration.

Another major benefit of dedicated web hosting is reliability, which comes from being able to optimize page loads by playing with page load speed and overall server resource allocation. These things usually translate into customer or client satisfaction as well as a more successful bottom line, and bigger web presence.  There are some downsides, however. The aforementioned cost of dedicated web hosting, while getting better, is still a negative situation. Dedicated web hosting is still much more expensive when compared to shared server hosting or even virtual hosting, to the tune of hundreds of dollars per month. But despite the huge cost outlays many businesses justify the use of dedicated servers through cost analysis, which shows the benefits of dedicated web hosting always win out.

Another disadvantage is in not having a system administrator who has the time or skills that it takes to monitor, install, upgrade and configure programs, or add sites, or deal with potential hacks or other troubleshooting necessities. However, if your business can maintain dedicated web hosting then it becomes a win-win situation for your business. No need to worry about server overload, malicious scripts or too many applications installed by other users in a shared system, because a dedicated system is a secure and reliable environment. In a dedicated web hosting system only applications and software that pertains to the major hosting is allowed.

In dedicated web hosting, dedicated servers allow for very quick page load time, which increases the probability that potential clients will stay engaged with your website, turning them into paying customers. Quick page loading also enhances company image and generates returning customers and increases word of mouth business, as well.

Dedicated Servers

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Big corporations or other large businesses are turning more and more to dedicated servers for their internet presence. Basically, a dedicated server is a web server within a network of computers that is used by one customer. In other words, one server to service one business.  The dedicated server is customized for the one client in both hardware setup and software programming. A single dedicated server allows for faster data access as well as being able to accommodate high traffic without danger of  a website crash.

For instance, say a company called grandowl mopeds, incorporated, runs a chain of dealerships all over California. Each dealership could create its own personal website under the auspices of the parent company and hosted through the company’s dedicated server.  The parent company would be,, while one of the other dealerships might be,  This can be done for every dealership in the chain. Grouping the dealerships on one dedicated server is better and costs less than operating individually for everyone involved. Point of sale software could be customized and uniform for the whole company, no matter where the dealership is located.

This set up also streamlines administrative and support costs, which makes for easier bookkeeping from top to bottom of the corporation. In some cases, a client can also become a web host using its dedicated server and sub lease their extra space to others allowing the lessees to set up their own websites and domains.  Yet another advantage of having a dedicated server is stability, because, as the client you have a great deal of control over what happens and when it happens. When sharing a server, you are at the mercy of your host, and possibly affected by those with whom you share space.