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Which Hosting Should You Choose?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

When you decide to build a website, either for fun or business, you have to decide which kind of website hosting to choose. There are many companies on the market all offering different types of hosting, all at different costs. If you are a beginner to website hosting you may be left reeling from all the choice out there.

The first consideration is the type of website you have. If you are building a small business or want a website as a hobby or for fun, shared web hosting may be suitable. This is hosting which allows several websites to share the resources of one server. However, as you won’t need large amounts of memory or storage initially, this option may suit you just fine. There are many hosting companies that will provide quality hosting packages for a small monthly fee.

Free shared hosting is suitable for a personal website but if you are building your own business it may not be adequate. The largest drawback to the free hosting option is the web address as it will usually contain the hosting company name. This makes it obvious to everyone that you have free hosting and a free domain name, which may not appear professional.

Here at Host store we have web hosting packages that are totally suitable for someone starting out online, all with full data back up and security. We also offer a professional site building service which is especially useful for anyone new to websites and hosting.