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Hosting To Be Wary Of

Monday, January 25th, 2010

There are many pitfalls to avoid when selecting a reliable hosting company. Ideally you want to choose a web hosting company that offers affordable web hosting as well as a reliable service. Changing hosting providers is a hassle you really don’t want as it detracts from the time spent on your business.

One of the largest considerations for most of us is money when running a business. The less we pay for essential services such as web hosting, the more profit we make. Therefore, it is essential that you don’t make mistakes when selecting a hosting provider.

Take care to choose a company that offers affordable web hosting which you can pay on a monthly basis. Some companies will offer discounts if you sign up for a long contract, which is fine if you have a personal recommendation and know that you will be happy with the service provided. But what happens if you pay for a year and after three months realise the service isn’t of benefit to you and your business or the support isn’t there. You would either lose money by moving to another hosting company before your contract ends or stay with a hosting company that doesn’t support you.

Here at Host Store we have monthly price plans to suit all types and sizes of business with all the benefits laid out for you to see. If you have any questions you can contact us for information, which we are happy to provide.

Tips For Good Service

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

When you finally decide which web hosting company you will sign up with, it is a good idea to double check before finally buying. When you have signed up with a hosting company you want to be able to concentrate on building your business and a good hosting company will enable you to do this. If you get problems with your hosting company then it will affect your business. You will be spending your energy sorting out issues with your host instead of concentrating on making money online.

Before signing up with your chosen web host, you could contact the support desk and test their response. Check the response times by email or phone and see if the response times are within their guarantees. Support may be crucial to your success online, especially if you have little technical knowledge so check carefully.

Double check the services you will receive for the cost you will be paying. Try to get unlimited bandwidth and disk space whilst still getting affordable web hosting. Be wary of limited storage and memory as you may soon exceed those limits and have to pay a lot more money. Here at Host Store we provide unlimited disk space for your convenience; you know what you will be paying right from the start.

Not every website hosting company offers unlimited bandwidth and disc space, meaning you could be hit with more fees further down the line. Once you have spent time looking at different web hosting companies you will know which hosting companies provide the best quality and value service.

Affordable Web Hosting

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Choosing website hosting can be a complicated task at the best of times, especially if you require affordable hosting as well. Many people have an opinion that cheap web hosting is going to be poor quality and that you won’t receive a good service. Nowadays, that just isn’t true as there is so much competition out there for hosting companies, that the majority will offer you the best service possible for a low price.

However, that doesn’t mean that all web hosting companies are legitimate and some will fail to live up to expectations, which could be a disaster for your business. Whichever type of web hosting you select, and whichever hosting company you choose, reliability is essential for the success of your business.

If you know someone who can recommend a reliable hosting company which they have used, that is great because they have first hand knowledge of the service provided. The usual method is to look at each web hosting company individually and check out any testimonials carefully. Make sure you read the fine print carefully so that you know what you will be receiving and the exact cost.

An unscrupulous hosting company can cause you all sorts of problems such as upgrading you to a more expensive package, even though you haven’t requested it. You may find that your emails and calls go unanswered. At Host Store we believe that a reliable, trustworthy web hosting service will not only help you to succeed online, but also help us to build a good reputation.

Which Hosting Should You Choose?

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

When you decide to build a website, either for fun or business, you have to decide which kind of website hosting to choose. There are many companies on the market all offering different types of hosting, all at different costs. If you are a beginner to website hosting you may be left reeling from all the choice out there.

The first consideration is the type of website you have. If you are building a small business or want a website as a hobby or for fun, shared web hosting may be suitable. This is hosting which allows several websites to share the resources of one server. However, as you won’t need large amounts of memory or storage initially, this option may suit you just fine. There are many hosting companies that will provide quality hosting packages for a small monthly fee.

Free shared hosting is suitable for a personal website but if you are building your own business it may not be adequate. The largest drawback to the free hosting option is the web address as it will usually contain the hosting company name. This makes it obvious to everyone that you have free hosting and a free domain name, which may not appear professional.

Here at Host store we have web hosting packages that are totally suitable for someone starting out online, all with full data back up and security. We also offer a professional site building service which is especially useful for anyone new to websites and hosting.