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Can Dedicated Be Affordable?

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

For many businesses, dedicated web hosting is the preferred choice but there is one major disadvantage; the cost. With a dedicated server you have your own server and therefore have the resources such as memory and disk storage all to yourself. This is particularly useful for a larger company with several divisions. However, the cost of a dedicated server is rapidly falling as demand rises.

As a dedicated server has many advantages for a business, it has long been seen as the preferred choice but cost has always been an obstacle. As competition amongst web hosting companies increases and more and more businesses require dedicated web hosting, the costs have dropped dramatically. Affordable web hosting now applies to dedicated servers.

For anyone who needs their website to be totally accessible, such as a business with high traffic volumes, a dedicated server has the advantages to far outweigh the cost. It is a known fact that if a person tries to access a website and the page is taking too long to load, they will leave. Therefore, loading times have to be fast and constant. Choosing a hosting company that has all the features of a dedicated server whilst still providing affordable web hosting can be a difficult task, but here at Host Store we believe that affordable web hosting is just one of the many features you will be looking for in our web hosting services. We aim to provide all the benefits of a dedicated server and still be able to offer affordable web hosting.