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Managed Hosting

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Managed hosting and dedicated hosting may seem like the same thing on the surface. But further examination reveals that  other than each having a server solely dedicated to your website is about the only thing these two terms have in common.

Managed hosting began as an additional option created for companies with a big online presence that required a dedicated server. The company, however, did not have time to handle day to day administration of their server. So the web host stepped in and took over system and server administration.  The web hosting company can now bill for another feature. In other words they do the client’s daily “grunt work” with the server, while the client focuses on other aspects of the business.

Web hosts provide an endless list of services that they are willing to manage for their clients. These services start with reporting and monitoring and load balancing to name another. Managed hosting also includes server security, storage, database maintenance, application and software maintenance, among other things. Security is especially important in this day and age. It is very necessary to keep the system patched and upgraded to stop hacking attacks and system breaches that may result in identity and records thefts. Managed hosting involves keeping up with system back ups and data storage.

Managed hosting cannot handle everything for the company, but it does let the company choose the level of service and support that it needs to do business on a daily basis, as well as to pursue and accomplish future business goals. Many companies are more than willing to work out an ala carte arrangement with the managed hosting company in order to get the service level they need to function. After all, some needs crop up along the way and have to dealt with as they occur. Something along these lines would include new government regulations going on the books. Managed hosting services can help the client maneuver in a situation such as this.

Other things that you need to consider when choosing a managed hosting service, is speed and reliability of customer support, as well as flexibility built into the web hosting system. If these elements are missing then you should consider moving or trying another managed hosting company.

Tips For Good Service

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

When you finally decide which web hosting company you will sign up with, it is a good idea to double check before finally buying. When you have signed up with a hosting company you want to be able to concentrate on building your business and a good hosting company will enable you to do this. If you get problems with your hosting company then it will affect your business. You will be spending your energy sorting out issues with your host instead of concentrating on making money online.

Before signing up with your chosen web host, you could contact the support desk and test their response. Check the response times by email or phone and see if the response times are within their guarantees. Support may be crucial to your success online, especially if you have little technical knowledge so check carefully.

Double check the services you will receive for the cost you will be paying. Try to get unlimited bandwidth and disk space whilst still getting affordable web hosting. Be wary of limited storage and memory as you may soon exceed those limits and have to pay a lot more money. Here at Host Store we provide unlimited disk space for your convenience; you know what you will be paying right from the start.

Not every website hosting company offers unlimited bandwidth and disc space, meaning you could be hit with more fees further down the line. Once you have spent time looking at different web hosting companies you will know which hosting companies provide the best quality and value service.

How To Choose A Reliable Hosting Company

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

With the massive choice of web hosting companies on the Internet to choose from, how do you decide which company is reliable? If you are new to the online world you may also be wondering which services you require from a website host and how much should you be paying. Doing a little research before signing up to a service provider is a good idea so that you get an idea of what you will require and which services should be offered as standard.

Decide what you want from your web host before doing research. If you want a website just for fun and for family or friends, then a free hosting account will be fine. However, if you are building a business online and want to make some money, then there are serious drawbacks to a free account.

The knowledge you have concerning programming will be a factor. If you have no knowledge it would be a wise move selecting a hosting company that has a site builder such as here at Host Store. All our packages have a professional site builder which will help you to get off the ground with your business.

Try to make a decision based on the amount of storage and memory you will require as your business grows. A web hosting company that has unlimited disk space and bandwidth is going to be the preferable choice so that you don’t have to change hosting providers. Considering all these factors will help you make the right choice.

How To Choose A Web Hosting Company

Monday, January 18th, 2010

There are many benefits of shared web hosting for smaller businesses, such as multiple email accounts, e-commerce solutions and marketing tools. Another, more significant benefit is the cost. Because you are sharing web resources such as space and memory you will be sharing the cost with multiple web owners. However, this does have its downside as you are also sharing security problems and any problems that affect other websites are likely to affect yours also.

Shared web hosting is the commonly used vehicle for most businesses, especially in the early days when they are just starting out. There is no point paying for extra services that you just don’t need. Selecting a web hosting company that can offer you affordable web hosting as well as being able to accommodate your growth is essential. Being able to upgrade to a web hosting package that will grow with your business and the high traffic volumes will make your life easier.

Most hosting companies offer various web hosting solutions and a good company, such as here at Host Store will be happy to advise you to enable you to make the best decision for your business. A reliable company will be able to provide a service which is continuous and will load pages at the fastest speed possible to avoid visitors to your site leaving. There can be problems with shared web hosting and it is crucial that you choose a company that is willing and able to cope with any setbacks you may experience.