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Website hosting that boasts unlimited domains

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

As a large business or enterprise, you may have more than one website. In fact, you may have a group of websites that form an integral part of your business. One site may be your primary website, while the others could be blogs, forums and secondary sites. Your ideal will then be to have all of these sites hosted on one server. This is not only cheaper than having separate website hosting accounts for each site, but is also logical as it gives you ease when managing the online section of your business.

There are many website hosting firms, including Host Store, that provide packages for larger companies that intend on having more than one site. These packages have unlimited domains.

A business that chooses a deal with unlimited domains will be able to enjoy having numerous domains that operate on one server. They only purchase one plan and will never have to buy another plan if they decide to add more domains in the future.

Benefits of having unlimited domains

There are many benefits to investing in a website hosting package that has unlimited domains. Firstly, it is very convenient in that you have a central control panel that deals with all of your websites.

You can create email addresses for different websites and add programs to all sites from this central point.  You can customise all of your websites at the same time without having to log in and out of various accounts.

This package is also way more affordable than taking out a new package for each website. When it comes to website hosting, the more websites you own, the more you save.

Web server hosting for first time website owners

Monday, December 28th, 2009

As a first time website owner, you may have many questions about web server hosting – you might not have even known that this service was required in order for your website to become live on the internet.

While you might have viewed many service providers, it is possible that you could be very confused as to who and what to look for when making your selection. You don’t want to spend too much on this service, but would still like a good quality product.

Because you are a first time website owner, you need to do some research. Understanding what web server hosting is all about is a start; there is always power in knowledge. It allows you to make an educated decision that will save you lots of money in the long run.

What a first time website owner requires

A new website owner will need a bit more nurturing when it comes to web server hosting than a business or person who already owns numerous sites. You may only intend on launching one website, however it is quite possible that you would like to launch a few more in the future. The needs of you as a new site owner therefore depend on the type of business you have and the budget that you are willing to spend on this service.

As a first time site owner, you will also require more assistance. Host Store provide all clientele with online support and live chat assistance to answer any questions that you may have regarding web server hosting.

Web hosting and why it is needed

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Web hosting is simply the concept that a company hosts your website for an agreed-upon fee. As simple as that sounds, you can find a company that can charge you huge amounts while some firms, such as Host Store, offer you affordable and efficient web hosting services.  So, why does one need this service?

A web hosting specialist will host your site on a server. Depending on the quality of the company, they will often do so on a fast server that can keep up with your websites demands. If you own a website that does receive many hits monthly, then you will require a server that can handle the data that travels to and from this server. This server therefore ensures that your website works properly, and without web hosting, your website is likely to fail.

Who should consider web hosting?

Anyone who owns a website should consider this service. However, there are different packages available and you should determine which type of website you intend on running before selecting the package.

If you own a website that is used for your small business or maybe just for personal use, then you will opt for a cheaper service as the traffic that you are likely to receive will be minimal.

On the other hand, if you have a large company or enterprise that attracts more visitors, your choice of package will be more expensive. These packages are often equipped with tools to handle a large amount of hits to your site and also include some useful additional services.

Learning about web hosting services

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

So, you have a business and you plan on taking your business to the World Wide Web. You have considered creating a website and already know how it will look, what it will contain and even plan on using search engine optimisation to enhance its visibility.

The only thing you are worried about is, who will host your site? When it comes to looking for a professional and reliable web hosting firm, you may feel overwhelmed and confused, especially if it the first time that you plan on using this service. You may not know where to start. So what do you do?

Firstly, you have to realise that there are many small businesses, large companies and enterprises who also struggle with finding a reliable web hosting service. A great start to selecting a service is to know exactly what is offered.

Basically, what web hosting service providers offer you is a space to place your website on. They also give you a domain name so that users will be able to identify you and many include additional services dedicated IP, private SSL, etc.

The ideal web hosting company

Finding the perfect company to host your site can be difficult. Here you really have to look at the company’s reputation, online and offline presence and the packages they offer.

For instance, Host Store have an impeccable reputation among clients, as well as other companies, when it comes to web hosting. There is a package for any type of website, whether small or large, and great service grants added ease for potential clients.