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Linux Dedicated Servers

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

There is something that needs to be cleared up right now, and that is, that there is no such thing as a Linux dedicated server. Linux is not a server, it is an operating system. Consequently, a Linux dedicated server, is a server that runs Linux software. So the real question becomes, which is better a Linux based system or a Windows based system, for your operation? Some experts suggest that part of the answer lies in your level of expertise. In other words, are you a newbie? Or are you an experienced system administrator?

For newbie’s some experts suggest sticking with Window’s programs because they are easier and more powerful than Linux dedicated servers.  But again, it all harkens back to your individual needs and personal expertise.  Some administrators prefer running what they call a Linux flavor combined with the Apache web server, while others recommend using the Windows server.

Ask yourself , what other goals you have for your website, after start up? In other words, do you eventually plan to use your Linux dedicated server to host other things on your internal network, perhaps additional email addresses? However, probably the most important question of all is just how familiar are you with Linux, because if you’ve never used Linux before, then you may as well be attempting to read Sanskrit after taking a crash course in Aramaic. For the beginner or newbie, Linux can be difficult to work and understand. But most experts agree that in the long run it just might be the better system to use.

If all you’re planning to do is put up a basic, no frills web page, then do it with Windows. Windows is easier to understand and manage. But it is also very expensive. Linux dedicated servers are less expensive, because Linux itself doesn’t cost anything. It’s free. The Linux system can be downloaded in any number of places on the internet. The benefits of a Linux dedicated server would be more security and use of fewer resources than Windows. The cost is nothing or near nothing. Another reason to go with a Linux dedicated server is that it is updated often.  The downside is that it requires more set up and not all hardware is supported.