Managed Dedicated Servers

The difference between a managed dedicated server and an unmanaged server boils down a number of things including price. A managed dedicated server is more expensive. The level of support from the web hosting company is also better and includes more than just basic service. Both are leasing situations. Most service providers offer managed dedicated servers to their clients. The basic definition is that a managed dedicated server is a hands on situation by the web hosting company. The other is not.

Leasing managed dedicated servers means spending more money. The cost is included in the monthly fee for renting the server. Bear in mind that these management fees are non-negotiable. Typical services provided by the web host include, server set up, system installation and configuration, installation of firewalls, system oversight, software update installation, security, hardware replacement, troubleshooting of the network and maintenance, and server monitoring. Do some research before settling on a web host for your managed dedicated server in order to find out if the company offers the services you need for your business. Include cost comparisons in your research as there is no standard in pricing on anything offered. Check out what a company means when it says it offers support, since there are varying levels and definitions of support.

Web hosting firms offer businesses in house management to go with the server, thus constituting a managed dedicated server system. So how do you manage a server? Well, the web hosting company provides a manager who continuously monitors the server’s performance. They update the operating system when necessary, including updating applications, performing maintenance, making sure the anti virus and firewalls are up to date, troubleshooting when necessary, installing software as needed, performing regular audits and taking steps to prevent intrusions or hacking.

Managed dedicated server management may also include more tasks as specified by the business operation. Within this system, there are levels of management. For instance, there are fully managed servers, medium managed servers, and self managed servers. A fully managed dedicated server is the most headache free, so choose carefully in making your decision.

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