Dedicated Servers

Big corporations or other large businesses are turning more and more to dedicated servers for their internet presence. Basically, a dedicated server is a web server within a network of computers that is used by one customer. In other words, one server to service one business.  The dedicated server is customized for the one client in both hardware setup and software programming. A single dedicated server allows for faster data access as well as being able to accommodate high traffic without danger of  a website crash.

For instance, say a company called grandowl mopeds, incorporated, runs a chain of dealerships all over California. Each dealership could create its own personal website under the auspices of the parent company and hosted through the company’s dedicated server.  The parent company would be,, while one of the other dealerships might be,  This can be done for every dealership in the chain. Grouping the dealerships on one dedicated server is better and costs less than operating individually for everyone involved. Point of sale software could be customized and uniform for the whole company, no matter where the dealership is located.

This set up also streamlines administrative and support costs, which makes for easier bookkeeping from top to bottom of the corporation. In some cases, a client can also become a web host using its dedicated server and sub lease their extra space to others allowing the lessees to set up their own websites and domains.  Yet another advantage of having a dedicated server is stability, because, as the client you have a great deal of control over what happens and when it happens. When sharing a server, you are at the mercy of your host, and possibly affected by those with whom you share space.

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