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Virtual Dedicated Server

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

A virtual dedicated server is a virtual  system using software to partition a server in such a way that it can be used by several customers at once. Each partition allows the unit to function as many dedicated servers wrapped up in one unit. Each virtual dedicated server is like a condo  in a high rise building  instead of a stand a lone single family townhouse. Each virtual dedicated server has its own operating system, bandwidth and disk space. Each individual can be rebooted without affecting its neighbors on the dedicated web server.

A virtual dedicated server allows  the customer to have  more control then in  regular shared hosting.  VPS is better on the budget, costing less than dedicated servers. Experts do  consider virtual dedicated servers as the preferred hosting solution for most small and medium sized businesses seeking to extend their presence on the internet. Virtual dedicated servers sidestep the limitations of shared hosting giving more flexibility. Virtual dedicated servers are not as flexible as a dedicated server, however. The actual partitioning of the server is done with software to create the virtual environment.

Within the virtual dedicated server,  the client is given added stability, with no fear of disruption caused by  other  users. Those on the other side of the partition. The performance of your website improves, becoming faster, with better load times. Virtual dedicated servers give each client more disk space, CPR and RAM  And it goes without saying there is more flexibility built into this type of system. Before you select a virtual dedicate  server system, you should  do some research and ask questions about the features being offered by each web hosting entity. Ask about the costs of root access for instance. Root access grants you complete control over your VPS account from configuration through software applications.

Ease of operation of the virtual dedicated server  means the server can  handle interface from a control panel application.  Management and support should be similar to a dedicated hosting account, since most VPS  servers require  the client to manage his or her own server. If you don’t have the technical skills ask the company to provide them for you. Good service providers will always actively monitor the network and hardware, thus ensuring security stability. However, ask about this before you sign the contract.