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Dedicated Server Hosting

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Using a dedicated server to host your websites can seem pretty expensive in comparison to shared web hosting in the short term. However, in the long term it could turn out to be more advantageous to your bottom line.  Shared web hosting, no matter what, is never 100% stable or reliable. While having your own dedicated server hosting your own sites will avoid most of the problems affecting the reliability and stability of the server. These problems include overload, bad codes, and scripts that may come from other users of sharing your server. There may also be the problem of too many applications and components uploaded to the server.

With a dedicated server hosting your websites, you will only  have to worry about your software and any applications that you load. No need to worry about other users because there aren’t any.  Your dependency on the web host is also lessened, allowing you to by pass any delays and costs that may occur during the course of operation. Dedicated server hosting allows you to give instant support to your own clients when they need it. This is not possible on a shared server. Quick customer support is the vital for growing your business. It goes hand in hand with reliability and stability and will generate the much needed word of mouth that results in repeat customers.

Most who run a dedicated server hosting offer 24 hour access, which enables round the clock adjustments, corrections or updates needed by the client websites within minutes rather than hours. So how do you know when it’s time for you to get into dedicated server hosting?  Look at your stats, these will tell you how quickly potential customers left your site because it downloaded too slowly. Another clue is how many visitors left your site because it wasn’t up. The people who left could have been paying customers if you’d been up and running. The money lost could possibly pay for dedicated server hosting. If you’re serious about doing business on the web and being successful at it, then dedicated server hosting should be one of your first considerations.