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Linux VPS

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Linux VPS or Linux virtual private server is the same as a windows VPS. Linux is an alternative operating system that can be used to power your  personal business web presence.  Linux VPS is very powerful and also very flexible in the virtual environment. It is the perfect environment for any client or customer who needs a dedicated server but doesn’t have the resources to hire one.

Linux VPS gives the end user more power and control over their virtual servers at a greatly reduced operating costs. This is because the Linux operating system is a free system. It doesn’t cost anything to acquire. Those companies who want to host unlimited domains, resell hosting or may even want to use a variety of applications are better off with the inbuilt flexibility of the Linux VPS system. The downside to using Linux is its learning curve say experts. Linux is usually not recommended for newbies or beginning system administrators. Windows is considered to be more newbie and user friendly. However the costs involved with Windows VPS or dedicated web servers is astronomical in comparison to other systems including Linux. Linux is open source meaning updates and patches happen regularly and routinely, while Windows users must wait for a Microsoft intervention.

However, experts say that once you get used to Linux VPS system you will wonder why you used something else. Linux VPS Hosting is easy, simple and flexible as well as friendly when it comes to customizing your system. Linux VPS Hosting returns the most bang for the buck, according to industry experts if you can just get over the initial learning curve. And unlike Windows, Linux equally supports all applications, while Windows prefers its own applications. In fact, many experts think that Linux VPS is the wave of the future for web hosting in general.

cPanel VPS

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

The “c” in cPanel VPS means control. What cPanel VPS does is turn servers into a fully automated point and click hosting platform. cPanel VPS is designed with many levels of administration that include admin, end users, reseller as well as email based interfaces. These multiple levels are utilized to provide better security, flexibility in use, and flexibility all up the down the line for every user.

In other words cPanel VPS software allows you to resell web hosting to clients as well as to create web hosting reseller accounts in order to sell to other resellers. Bear in mind you must purchase the license in order to conduct this type of business  All this means is that you and your clients can sell web space on someone else’s shared server.  It is a virtual turn key operation. You can use cPanel VPS to create a number of accounts for your own use, or to sell to other customers.

cPanel VPS Hosting is best for web hosting companies and businesses that need to automate yet still be able to offer competitive web hosting services. cPanel VPS is worldwide user friendly and easily installed. This software enhances your virtual private server by increasing performance with dedicated memory, CPU and network server control. It is a web based operation that features rich server administration. cPanel VPS allows complete control of web, ftp, email-both anti spam and anti virus, php, mySQL, just to name a few.  You the client also get reseller access along with custom branding, domains and packages.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using cPanel VPS as it pertains to reseller hosting.  The software simply automates the system. What comes after, is up to the owner. The best route to take is to do some research on what is available, the upsides and downsides of cPanel VPS as well as whether it will benefit you and your organization. Do your search and investigation with your present business goals in mind along with your future plans and goals for your company. Ask all questions and then decide if your budget will handle what it is that your want to do.

Cheap VPS

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

As with all business, the primary focus is to spend as little as possible, yet get as much as possible for the money spent. VPS or virtual private servers save money from the beginning. Cheap VPS is a web hosting environment that gives the client some of the same features as dedicated servers which are a pretty expensive proposition. Cheap VPS makes use of a partition within a dedicated server. The partition functions on its own, with its own operating system and applications. It gives the client who owns the partition more stability and control, and by its very nature costs less than owner the whole dedicated server. Cheap VPS is regarded as a stepping stone for businesses who are growing to the point where one day they will need a dedicated server to meet their needs.

Do some research into Cheap VPS hosting before signing a contract. Many web hosting companies offer similar services. However they may charge different prices because there is no standard pricing within the web hosting industry. So to get the best deal, you will need to comparison shop. Some optimal features for your business might include, quad core nodes, full root/administrator access, round the clock monitoring, all software, security  and hardware installed updated and configured. Be sure you know the amount of disk space you will need, buying a cheap VPS plan with not enough space is a waste of time and money. In this case, buying more than you need is better as your company and business continue to grow.

Look at web hosting which offers free set for your cheap VPS. Some hosts charge through the roof for set up so look around. Also ask about multiple cheap domain hosting plans. Some companies offer unlimited options while others will limit this option to minimal making it impossible for you to function. Having a dedicated IP address is very important for your business. Be aware that some web host who offer cheap VPS don’t include dedicated IP addresses and will want to charge you extra. If this happens, move on. Finally choose the company that offers you the most flexibility, the most stability and the most control over your operation, at the minimum amount of money. However do not trade off on quality because the price is too good to pass up. It is, because in the end too cheap VPS can harm your bottom line.