cPanel VPS

The “c” in cPanel VPS means control. What cPanel VPS does is turn servers into a fully automated point and click hosting platform. cPanel VPS is designed with many levels of administration that include admin, end users, reseller as well as email based interfaces. These multiple levels are utilized to provide better security, flexibility in use, and flexibility all up the down the line for every user.

In other words cPanel VPS software allows you to resell web hosting to clients as well as to create web hosting reseller accounts in order to sell to other resellers. Bear in mind you must purchase the license in order to conduct this type of business  All this means is that you and your clients can sell web space on someone else’s shared server.  It is a virtual turn key operation. You can use cPanel VPS to create a number of accounts for your own use, or to sell to other customers.

cPanel VPS Hosting is best for web hosting companies and businesses that need to automate yet still be able to offer competitive web hosting services. cPanel VPS is worldwide user friendly and easily installed. This software enhances your virtual private server by increasing performance with dedicated memory, CPU and network server control. It is a web based operation that features rich server administration. cPanel VPS allows complete control of web, ftp, email-both anti spam and anti virus, php, mySQL, just to name a few.  You the client also get reseller access along with custom branding, domains and packages.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to using cPanel VPS as it pertains to reseller hosting.  The software simply automates the system. What comes after, is up to the owner. The best route to take is to do some research on what is available, the upsides and downsides of cPanel VPS as well as whether it will benefit you and your organization. Do your search and investigation with your present business goals in mind along with your future plans and goals for your company. Ask all questions and then decide if your budget will handle what it is that your want to do.

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