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The Right Domain For You

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

When you build a website one of the first tasks you should take care of is choosing your domain name. Popular names sell very fast so it is important to deal with your domain name registration as soon as you decide a possible name. When trying to decide your new name make sure that it is connected to the nature of your website in some way so that people can easily associate your website with your chosen name and remember it easily.

It is possible for domain name registration to take place before you have a website, which is advisable. Many people buy their domain name from their web hosting company which is a lot easier as you can deal with everything at once. There are many different domain extensions such as dot com or dot net, all costing different amounts depending which extension you choose.

With many companies you can pay for extra services, such as privacy. Here at Host Store we are a web hosting company that offer you private registration which will help to protect your online privacy as well as reduce the amount of spam email you receive. For anyone who has a business hosting plan we provide a free domain name.

The choice of domain name should be considered very carefully as it will be the backbone of your website. In a competitive sector, some of the best domain names will have gone. Choosing a name that is memorable and catchy will help to ensure return visitors to your website as they will remember the name of your website with ease.