An Affordable Dedicated Server – Is It Possible?

February 25th, 2010

Dedicated server hosting is known to be the best solution for a business with high traffic volumes. Shared web hosting can only serve a business until the demands on available resources exceed supply and then you have to upgrade to a dedicated server. Many business owners consider this option to be expensive, but when you consider the benefits you will soon realise that it is a cost-effective move.

Many dedicated hosting packages include managed hosting which means that you will have a technician to assist you with the maintenance of your server as well as receive back ups and security options. The benefits you will receive are quite expensive, but it is possible to get cheap dedicated servers which are reliable.

Selecting a company that is reliable is crucial when purchasing cheap dedicated servers to ensure that you receive the quality service and security that you require to build a successful business. Here at Host Store we offer different levels of packages so that you only pay for what you require at that particular time. We also offer a free set up service and many discounts to make your server package even cheaper.

When purchasing a server it is advisable to check the other services available such as technical support. Check when the support is available and assess the methods of contact you prefer. Many companies offer a low cost service and then you receive an unexpected bill for extras which you didn’t expect because the relevant information wasn’t highlighted. A reliable company will be totally honest with you in all aspects of web hosting.

A Website To Be Proud Of

February 24th, 2010

Making the decision to start an online business is a momentous occasion with much to look forward to. With the majority of people using the Internet everyday and being dependent upon the net for information as well as making most of their purchases online, success could be within your reach.

Starting an online business is not as simple as just building a website and waiting for customers to arrive. Your website design will play a large part in attracting customers; even using the wrong colour for the text could be anathema to your visitors.

If you are new to building a website it may be a cost-effective decision to hire a website designer to design your site. Your site has to be fully operational with all the links working and the text set out in a way that will attract your customers to the sales page and encourage them to make a purchase.

Here at Host Store we have a website design service which will assist you in building a website that will be fully optimized for the search engines with keywords relevant to your site. You will be assigned your own web designer who can advise you and make sure your website is fully operational as soon as possible. Our starter package is perfect for anyone just starting their own online business, providing everything you need from web hosting to content updates.

Starting your own online business is a big decision which will benefit from the expertise of a web designer, with many years of experience building websites that have obtained high traffic volumes.

Hosting Within Your Specific Budget

February 23rd, 2010

Web hosting is a crucial element of online business and has to be afforded within your budget. Many people believe that to receive a good value, comprehensive hosting service you have to pay a high price. In today’s climate of constant demand for high levels of service as well as good value offers, affordable web hosting can be obtained.

Many companies are offering low cost web hosting for businesses of all sizes, with many extra advantages. One of the main advantages offered by the hosting companies is the reliability of the server, as constantly experienced down time will adversely affect your business. Many hosting companies offer a guaranteed percentage of uptime to help you maintain a constant service for your customers. Another service offered by hosting companies is a daily or weekly back up service. This is essential for many businesses as large quantities of confidential data may be held and if lost, could be catastrophic for you.

Affordable web hosting is widely available which is great for anyone starting an online business, but selecting a reliable company is essential. Here at Host Store we offer all aspects of an affordable hosting service starting from your domain name registration to a comprehensive data back up service.

A hosting company that will help you build your business will offer you twenty four hour support as well as a comprehensive knowledge base with answers to frequently asked queries. Services such as selecting a domain name, backing up data and email software should be available to you routinely as they are all aspects of starting an online business.

The Important Elements Of An Email Marketing Campaign

February 18th, 2010

An effective email marketing campaign is essential for any business, being a low cost and instant marketing method. By using email you can contact all of your customers on a regular basis with details of your products and services. There is a lot of preparation that goes into creating an email campaign and the process involves a lot more than simply sending out emails.

By building a list of subscribers to your newsletter, for example, you are building the chance of residual income which will last you many years. Once a customer has made a purchase you may never see them again, unless they are contacted by you in the future. The success of your email marketing campaign will depend greatly upon the company whose email service you use. As the budget of a business can sometimes be quite low, it is essential that you choose a company that can provide low cost email services as well as being reliable.

Here at Host Store, we are a web hosting company that allow you to choose the number of emails you want to send as well as the frequency of your mail. You can upgrade your chosen option at any time so that as your email list expands you can increase the number of emails and also the frequency, paying only for what you require.

A company that has a flexible email marketing service as well as a support service to provide advice and assistance can help you to gain the trust and respect of your customers for many years to come.