Email Marketing – A Powerful Tool

Email marketing is a necessary tool for many business owners who wants to be successful on the web. You can use the power of email to build trust with your customers, which in turn will encourage a higher level of sales. By offering a free gift or newsletter, you encourage customers to become subscribers to your free gift by leaving their name and email address, which is also permission for you to send them emails on a regular basis.

It is imperative that you use a double opt in system so that you aren’t accused of spam and make sure that it is easy for your subscribers to remove themselves from your list if they require to do so. Email marketing is a low cost promotional method of keeping in touch with customers, both new and existing, to offer information and free gifts which will encourage them to make purchases from you. It is a known fact that a person is more likely to buy from someone they know and trust rather than a stranger, which is the purpose of your email marketing campaign.

Sending bulk emails from your own computer is likely to get you into trouble with your Internet Service Provider, so it is essential to find a reliable company for your email marketing campaign. Here at Host Store we specialise in web hosting and provide an email marketing service that allows you to select the service you wish to pay for. Our cheap web hosting service allows you to choose the amount of emails you send each month and the amount of people you send them to, therefore not wasting a dime.

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