VPS Web Hosting

VPS web hosting is the next biggest thing in the web hosting industry. VPS stands for virtual private server and what it is, is an environment created by installing partitions within a dedicated server to essentially make a number of individual smaller dedicated servers. Each of these little servers function the same way the big server functions. The benefit to the web host is that now, instead of one single server, the company can add clients, giving them each a virtual dedicated server to run their business. This is shared hosting with a twist. In VPS web hosting, the clients don’t share applications or operating systems or security for that matter. Each virtually created server functions alone. For each client this means greater control, flexibility and safety from the problems of their virtual neighbors on the other side of the partition.

Even better, VPS web hosting saves the clients money in the same way that sharing servers does, without the sacrifice of performance, security and flexibility. VPS web hosting is considered by industry experts to be the very lucrative stepping stone between shared hosting and dedicated web server hosting. Dedicated servers can cost up to $100 per month or more depending on the size of your operation. In VPS web hosting, the cost of hardware, software, network connectivity and maintenance is distributed among clients with any compromise on quality.

There is enhanced security within VPS hosting because each VPS server operates in its own environment and is protected from the instability of other users who may be running different applications. Clients have much more control of their personal environment and can customize to fit their business as it develops. And, there is no loss of power because of something another user does or tries to do. One thing that may pose a problem with VPS web hosting is that it requires a similar commitment to maintenance of the server like that required by a dedicated server. Another problem is power. As good as it may seem, VPS is still a step below dedicated server power.

It may seem like a dream come true, but it is still wise to investigate VPS web hosting before you sign any contracts. The best way to decide is to look at present needs and your long term needs. If they are functioning well, then maybe you don’t need to change. However if you’re not presently happy with performance then VPS web hosting is in your future.

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