Dedicated Hosting

Simply explained, dedicated hosting is a lease arrangement between a business or single individual and a web hosting company. This agreement allows the client to lease an entire server for sole use by his or her firm. The server is usually pre-configured, offering state of the art connectivity to ensure smooth business operation.

Dedicated servers allow you  to have total control over your web presence. It is a totally individualized and customizable situation for the client. Dedicated server hosting providers may also provide several different options including the aforementioned, such as fully managed, partially managed operation, self managed or unmanaged operation, where the client provides all maintenance, upgrades, patches and security.

However, dedicated hosting is sometimes more desirable for users who have more specific or specialized needs, because it allows for the deployment of complex applications, like streaming media, complex databases, and high end email solutions. Dedicated hosting also enables hosting more than one website on one machine. Dedicated hosting is usually offered by the biggest world wide network connectors, and comes with around the clock monitoring, tech service and network availability.

With the hosting provider owning the dedicated server, this means they are responsible for all maintenance of the equipment, as well as over seeing the many redundant connections to the internet. If a component should fail, then it is up to the provider to rectify the situation at no cost to the client. Remember, this is a lease agreement, not an ownership agreement. Savvy dedicated hosting situations allow the client to select certain CPU speeds, disk space requirements as well as other hardware components. These services maximize your return/investment ratio by making sure you’re using only the hardware that you actually need.

Clients who decide to utilize dedicated hosting also demand good IT and server administration by the company providing the dedicated hosting. This means that while dedicated hosting is a more flexible and lucrative situation, the host will have to invest more time and human resources into the hosting when compared to a shared situation. If managed correctly, the business arrangement can work successfully for everyone involved.

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