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When you register a domain at Hoststore, you get additional value with your purchase. Included with every domain are free extras like URL Forwarding, Email Forwarding, DNS Management, and Domain Lock. Whether you are using your domain for a personalized website or a business that is watching their budget, these free extras can get your domain up fast at no additional cost.

Why do you need it?

Use Web site forwarding (also known as URL forwarding) to point a domain name, or multiple domain names, to an existing Web site.

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How Web Forwarding Works?

Web site forwarding is a simple Web address forwarding tool. When your domain name is entered into the location field of a browser, it will automatically redirect the visitor to an existing Web site.

Update your redirects any time you want, in real time

Unlimited Aliases, forward to one place and to another

Give your visitors a domain name they can remember, no matter where your site is currently hosted

Drive traffic by directing several domain names to one Web site

Make fast use of your domain name by pointing it to an existing site

Add up to 5 Domain names

Unlimited hosts (subdomains), unlimited targets.

Forwarding to both https and http are supported.

Ad-free - HostStore does not place pop-up ads on your site like other Domain Forwarding services

TIP: This is helpful if the URL of your existing Web site is long and hard to remember or if you want multiple entry points to your existing Web site to help drive more traffic.

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  • HP
  • Juniper
  • APC
  • Cisco
  • Raritan