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For smart business owners

Email Marketer includes everything you need to create, send and track professional HTML emails. It is fully-featured email marketing software which has been developed by marketing experts.

Option 1: Pay for a Contact List limit

Send unlimited emails per month.

Ideal for companies who send out large volumes of mail.

Subscriber Limit Cost per month
500 Subscribers $5.95
1,000 Subscribers $9.95
2,000 Subscribers $14.95
3,000 Subscribers $20.95
5,000 Subscribers $28.95
7,500 Subscribers $38.95
10,000 Subscribers $48.95
20,000 Subscribers $73.95
30,000 Subscribers $89.95
Option 1: Pay for an email sending limit per month

Add unlimited subscribers.

Create unlimited mailing lists.

Subscriber Limit Cost per month
1,000 Emails per month $9.95
2,500 Emails per month $14.95
5,000 Emails per month $24.95
10,000 Emails per month $34.95
15,000 Emails per month $44.95
25,000 Emails per month $54.95
35,000 Emails per month $64.95
50,000 Emails per month $74.95
75,000 Emails per month $84.95
100,000 Emails per month $94.95
Need a higher subscriber or email limit?

No problem! Our email marketing system is very scalable. Just contact us to find out more.


The internet offers several ways for businesses to boost their incomes and build their brands

Talk to someone who provides email marketing services and they will describe email advertising as one such method. One might argue that any email sent to a current or prospective client could be considered as email advertising, but the fact is that the content sent out as part of an email marketing campaign is usually quite different.

The content of copy produced for an email marketing campaign is specifically designed to communicate commercial or fundraising messages. These individuals may be current customers or prospective customers, or casual web browsers who have registered with a website to receive email advertising and then forgotten about it until they receive content as part of an email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Services

As anyone who provides email marketing services will tell you, the how and why people choose to sign up for email advertising is largely irrelevant. The most important thing is that once registering interest, the individual turns into a potential customer. This is where the right email marketing campaign is vital so that an opportunity is not wasted.

What makes for effective email advertising? The content of the emails or newsletter - whatever form it takes - essentially must be targeted to the audience and be of interest to them. But even the most valid or interesting email advertising can miss the mark if a few key things aren't adhered to.

The following are some suggestions on how to create content for an effective email marketing campaign:

  • 1. Get to the point quickly - readers will be as ruthless when deciding to read or ditch your copy in an email as they are anywhere else on the web
  • 2. Use visuals cleverly - this is one way to keep readers interested
  • 3. Keep your list of emails updated and try to ensure that your emails are not being redirected to your audience's spam folder

The purpose of an email marketing campaign is ultimately to improve sales (by encouraging people to order as an immediate reaction to your email), to acquire new clients and to build and improve the relationship between current or prospective clients and a business.

Should a business decide to use emails to improve their sales they may want to examine the various different companies who provide email marketing services or perhaps sign up to email marketing software.

Email marketing software refers to a computer application or programme which allows the user to send bulk emails to audiences of subscribers. The content sent via email marketing software is often sent in newsletter format.

Email marketing software also has administrative benefits in that it includes a database which stores everything from contact information and message history. Sound expensive? Well, email marketing software varies in price depending on the depth of service provided. Email marketing software can be cheap for the basics, or run into the thousands for a top-end solution.

If you prefer to work closely with an expert in email marketing services in order to benefit from their experience and knowledge, then look no further than We provide a range of email marketing services for all budgets. Call and speak to one of our advisors on the specific email marketing services we offer.

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