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Finding good quality affordable web hosting

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Any business that owns a website will require website hosting. Saving money is the number one aim of all corporations therefore it is important that you choose an affordable web hosting product.

Finding cheap web hosting however does not mean that you have to settle for something of low quality. Your provider still has to be reliable, trustworthy and offer great support. Your business and probably your reputation too will suffer if the provider is not up to scratch.

A very important part of selecting cheap web hosting is finding the right package for your business. You want to ensure that you don’t take the cheapest plan that ends up not offering you what you need. Find the most affordable option that will still be able to provide you with the services that you require.

In order to successfully do this, you need to determine your company’s needs. Be sure as to how many domain names you will require and how much databases will be necessary. This way you will be able to find good quality, yet affordable web hosting to suit your business.

Where to find cheap web hosting service providers

The internet is filled with website hosting firms like us here at Host Store, and we all offer different types of services. There are three things that you need to consider however before selecting one, package, price and quality.

The package you choose will depend on your business needs. Compare prices of different service providers offering the same service to determine who offers the best value products and services. Quality can also be determined from a company’s reputation and presence online.

Bandwidth and cheap web hosting

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Bandwidth is more important than you might think when it comes to choosing the company that will host your website. Usually website hosting service providers that are more expensive will offer you a greater amount of bandwidth but because of budget constraints, there are many businesses that will look to cheap web hosting firms so that they can save a few pounds.

When looking at bandwidth, you need to determine how much the provider is offering before you make a choice. If a website hosting company does not offer enough bandwidth or it is too expensive to have unlimited bandwidth, it could happen that your website could run out of bandwidth leaving it shut down for a certain period. This is very inconvenient when running a business and any down time results in you losing money.

Some companies do provide you with excess bandwidth, but they often charge you an additional fee for this.

Cheap web hosting providers that offer great bandwidth

However, it is not fair to assume that only expensive web hosting service providers offer such great bandwidth. Luckily, there are a number of quality reliable companies that host sites for an affordable price and still include excellent or unlimited bandwidth in their packages.

It is vital that you do a bit of research in order to find these cheap web hosting companies that offer such wonderful bandwidth. Here at Host Store, we offer a variety of deals to suit your business needs and include unlimited bandwidth to all customers at an affordable price leaving you confident that your site will run with no down time.

Host Store’s web server hosting success

Monday, November 30th, 2009

If you are in the process of getting a website designed and put live onto the internet, it is worth investing in the services that a web server hosting company can offer.

Who are we?

Host Store is a web server hosting company that are currently hosting over 60,000 websites. We offer fantastic services as well as affordable prices. Part of our success is down to the fact that we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and to stay informed about all of the latest developments in the web server hosting industry.

We also pride ourselves on our strong values and the professional, friendly way in which we handle our clients. We know that there are literally millions of other web server hosting companies available that offer the same products as us, but we believe that because we offer great customer service that we have managed to set ourselves apart from the rest.

What we offer

As a web server hosting company, we offer all the basic services that you would expect from a company such as ours. We offer domain name and registrations, web server hosting, website management and website design. Some of our other more specialised services include SEO (search engine optimisation) marketing, e-mail marketing and search engine registrations and submissions.

We believe that we are to a certain extent responsible for your success and will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals.

Please have a look at our website and see what we can do for you. 60,000 satisfied customers will agree that we have a reliable and professional service on offer to all potential customers.

Get affordable web hosting

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Hosting your own website does not need to be an expensive investment. There might be a small initial cost involved to set it up and get it running smoothly, but once that is paid off then all you will need is to pay a monthly fee to an affordable web hosting company.

Many people are put off from having a website for their products or services as they mistakenly think that it will cost them a lot of money. Here at Host Store we would like to rectify that, and have over 60,000 client’s websites to support us. We offer affordable web hosting without compromising on the services that we deliver to our clients.

We know of too many people that have been taken for a ride by a greedy web host or web hosting company, and one of our goals is to reach as many people as possible to show them that not everyone in this industry is deceptive, and that they can get great service at affordable rates.

Cheap website hosting companies are sometimes only so affordable because they don’t offer their clients the best possible service and package. It is only true of these sorts of companies that you get what you pay for. However, reputable affordable web hosting providers do exist – it’s just a matter of finding them, and Host Store are proud to be a part of this group.

Even our most basic affordable website hosting package is guaranteed to meet anyone’s inital requirements. We also have different packages on offer with options to suit anyone’s needs.